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Let's face it, people love to be entertained. You can have a party, a company picnic or a convention, or you can have a party, a company picnic or a convention with Kartoon Caricatures by Dian and Pete Wagner. 

We bring an interactive and unique brand of fun to your events. Our abilities are proven and we have rightfully been dubbed the "Fastest Drawers in the Midwest" -- with a video to prove it! We attract long lines but we blaze right through them, treating each and every guest to a great cartoon that is uniquely THEM, making it fun for everyone being drawn and everyone watching us perform. Lines will move quickly with few artists needed. Whether you have 30 guests or 300 guests, our incomparable speed maximizes the possibility that everyone who wishes to participate will have the opportunity to do so. 

And we're positive your guests will be fascinated with our speed and professionalism. Creating a truly entertaining “killer" comic caricature in as little as 90 seconds is a feat that sets us apart from the many straight-laced illustrators and realistic portrait artists who have been crowding into the field of event caricaturing in recent years! While some caricatures might take a little longer, we can generally have a complete cartoon caricature within four minutes, tops. 

We truly believe no one else in the local area can equal these times and still produce the level of entertainment that we provide. Not only will the lucky recipient of each caricature we do be wowed, but we are confident that every guest will enjoy watching us work our magic. We truly are fun for all! 

And we bring experience, experience, experience. Each one of our lead artists--not combined, but each individual artist--has more than 30 years of drawing behind them. When you get Kartoon Caricatures by Dian and Pete Wagner, you're getting nothing but the best. 

We'll draw the young and old, brides and businessmen, students and professionals--you bring 'em, we'll sketch 'em. Every guest who wants one is left with a unique memento of your event. And even those who have only seen caricatures they disliked in the past by lesser practitioners find themselves wanting one once they see the way we draw! Why settle for less? When you care to have the very best, hire Kartoon Caricatures by Dian and Pete Wagner. 

Fastest Caricaturist - Pete Wagner from PeteWagner on Vimeo.

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